Microsoft Autofill is a new cross platform autofill offering that has currently taken shape as a personal identity manager under one of the best two factor authenticator in the market - Microsoft Authenticator available across iOS and Android. Passwords and more you save from your PC are readily available on Microsoft Edge, but we didn't stop there, we wanted to be where our customers are and so a Google Chrome user is covered too, Autofill is also available an extension on the Google's Chrome Store so you can autofill your data wherever you need it.


I own end to end experiences on iOS and Android, and had the wonderful opportunity to ideate on the very inception of this idea, working & collaborating with various teams like Authenticator, Decentralised Identification, Edge and more, defining the architecture, user testing multiple solutions, bringing accessibility by design and much much more, working with our engineering team to get this vision to life and put it in the hand of 1+ million active users, who are giving us great feedback and lots of love. We are heads down work on top customer asks. There is a lot of goodness coming your way...


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