In the enterprise world, CRM acts as a backbone in running the business - from sales, marketing to customer service. With the advent of distributed computing, ML & AI the focus has moved to how devices & apps can make the life of the user more productive by understanding the context. Every process in a business is being digitized at an ever increasing rate. This rapid shift means customers are looking to move away from monolithic suites that perpetuate disconnected data siloes and expensive custom extensibility frameworks to real time contextual applications which serves the role & job at hand.


This project aims to speculate the future of CRM systems [3-5 years]. During the course of the project I was tasked to understand the core CRM Business need, identify opportunity areas, future map scenarios to build modular business apps on mobile that are part of a connected data graph, enabling AI and extensibility that spans the customer's business needs. Using Office, Dynamics and LinkedIn graph.

During the course of this internship I conducted close to 50+ interviews, gathering needs, wants and aspirations of the users. Taking into account the various ways in which the users, technology and businesses are going to be behave in the near future.

My research identified potential untapped markets and viable business opportunities that I undertook and designed an end to end system for ground up.