Have you ever felt a sudden unsurpassable urge to irritate and disturb people?. God knows I have!. I know there are more of us out there. And for them I present Disturb, an application that lets users break into a war of testing each others patience. It lets you send each other dialogues from your favourite movies that will play out loud when recieved, no matter what state your mobile is in. Send random disturbs, receive respect with touche points for your replies and become a master at art of disturbing!. Use your creativity and let the battle begin!

Who Would Use This?

Age : 22
Profession : Interaction Design Student
Education : Masters in Design, M.Des
Marital Status : Single
Location : Bangalore, KA

Personality : Funny, Outgoing, Friends Are Family, Tech Geek, Meme Generator

Tools : Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Gaming Console


Information Architecture


Visual Elements


The in app font used is Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky. A modern sans-serif font with geometric simplicity and bold character that compliments backgrounds with bold colour schemes. The Regular and the Semibold weights are used to create visual hierarchy and emphasis.

Color Scheme

The colour scheme used is bold, vibrant, fun and energetic - characteristics of the primary audience the app caters to. Royal Blue is the primary colour used, complimented by secondary colours that are tints/shades of yellow and cyan.

Icon Design

The icon was created using the iOS guidelines, it incorporates the first letter of the logo. A gradient background to elevate the icon from the app drawer. Finally the right amount of spacing is used to make the design aesthetically pleasing.

User Interface Design

Sign Up

A user can has three options to signup with disturb, Facebook/Google authentication or creating an account with disturb that would require user to choose a unique username - password and also verify through email.


Onboarding takes new users through three main features of the application - What sending a disturb results into, how to send a random disturb and where to search for disturbs.

Getting Disturbed

The contact list displays users in a chronological order of the disturbs recieved. Only the latest disturb is displayed. A left swipe on the disturb would take you directly to smart replies. Swipe up to view disturb history and reply.

Your Disturbs

Here you can view/play all the disturbs sent or revieved. You can head to the store and choose a fitting reply or swipe right on a disturb to go directly to smart replies.

Smart Replies

Got disturbed and dont know what to reply with? Just swipe right on any disturb to view its smart replies. These are the most used replies by people for that disturb. You cannot go wrong! Disturbing just got easy

Disturb Store

Looking for that specific reply? Or just want to browse our catalogue and get ready for the unknown. Our store is here to help. Browse through thousands of movies and get curated disturbs.


Some replies deserve respect. Yes, the they out witted you and you know it. Long press on the disturb to send touche and pay your respects.

Tools Used