Amit currently works at Uber and owns Rider UX for High Capacity Vehicles. Previously he worked at Microsoft IDC and designed for HoloLens, Win VR and owned Autofill UX. Amit also has a Master's in Interaction Design from National Institute of Design, India.

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D365 Layout

A powerful Mixed Reality app that gives space planners confidence in their designs before they build by accurately visualizing their space, providing tools to quickly iterate on their designs and gain feedback.

Year : 2018 - 2019
Platform : Windows
Target Device(s) : HoloLens 1 & 2, Win VR


A new offering from Microsoft that lets you securely save your passwords, addresses and more and automatically fill them for you on all your devices - Win, MacOS, Android & iOS.

Year : 2020 - Present
Platform : iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS
Target Device(s) : PC, Mobile, Tablet

Case Study

CRM of the
Near Future

My Master's thesis attempted to envision the future of D365 CRM systems. Leveraging on Office 365, Cortana, various Microsoft products, Microsoft and LinkedIn graph.

Module : Master's Degree Thesis
Duration : Jun - Dec 2018
Sponsor : Microsoft R&D

Case Study


A table top device that combines ancient wisdom of weather prediction with ubiquitous computation to represent your local weather conditions and notify you if necessary.

Module : Ubiquitous Computing
Duration : 2 weeks, 2017
Sponsor : National Institute of Design

Mind Trip

A dream is better experienced than told. Mind Trip is a VR application that gives you a set of tools to easily recreate your dreams for others to experience.

Module : Design Project - II
Duration : 6 weeks, 2016
Sponsor : National Institute of Design

Case Study

Project Alpha

A wearable smart band that helps the hard of hearing with daily tasks, making them more independent and confident while also making a statement with its design.

Module : Design Project - I
Duration : 9 weeks, 2015
Sponsor : National Institute of Design

Case Study


B-Side Hustle


Dear Mobile Use Case,

You didn't make the cut. It was not you it was just telemetry and timelines. You could switch into a PC to be my use case.


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